How to deal with Jaw crusher toggle plate fracture?

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher known as jaw broker, jaw crusher can make different sizes of raw materials, broken into particles of uniform pieces, jaw crusher can use with processing equipment and sand and gravel equipment. can also be used alone. Jaw crusher also produce road cornerstone railway ballast stone and construction sand and gravel aggregate.

Jaw crusher toggle plate fracture reasons:

  • the host overload or greater than the size of the material inlet enter;
  • non-broken material into the crushing chamber;
  • toggle plate and brackets are not parallel between the pad, there are skewed;
  • there is a more serious casting foundry defects.

Related Remedy:

  • replace the bracket and take measures to prevent non-broken material into the crushing chamber;
  • Replace the bracket and control the feed size, and to prevent the host overload;
  • replacing the brackets and replace worn elbow plate mats, properly installed bracket;
  • replace qualified brackets.

Jaw crusher toggle plate fracture solution:

For the above reasons caused by broken brackets we can take the following measures to solve, give jaw crusher replacement of the bracket, while at the jaw crusher work should pay attention control of the feed particle size, according to crushing capacity crusher feed to prevent foreign matter into a hard non-broken crushing cavity, if the bracket pad has worn a new gasket should be replaced in, keep brackets and brackets parallel between the pads.