Stone crusher machine working Principle

Stone crusher machine

Stone crusher is currently in the new development stone crushing equipment, is currently the world's widely used to replace cone crusher, roller mill, ball mill models. novel Structure, unique, smooth operation. Capable of shaping and product cubic shape, packing density, the production process, the stone can form a protective layer, body wear, durable. A small amount of wear parts made of special hard wear-resistant material, small size, light weight, ease of replacement parts.

Stone crusher rotor disk in the drive motor, the drive for high-speed hammer circular motion, when the material into the crushing chamber, bulk material stacked on the machine in the middle of the Ad Hoc Tam bar, after crushing greater than the required size materials with new material along the tangential direction of the hammer hit the back plate broken again, so coarse, broken in one step, and finally meet the requirements of the material through the grate were discharged after integration grid.

Stone crusher machine working Principle:

Stone crusher frame thirds sector structure, only the rear of the chassis to open the crusher, hammer can be replaced, broken plates, linings and other inspection maintenance homework. Stone crusher parts interchangeability strong, less wearing parts breed, easy spare parts procurement and management. Hydraulic lifting device for open housing, can effectively reduce maintenance labor intensity, improve maintenance efficiency and reduce maintenance time.

Stone Crusher Advantages:

can effectively deal with a large amount of material moisture, prevent clogging of the crusher. Crusher both together for soft materials together again for the hardness of the material is very large. Can facilitate the flexible adjustment of the expected size, wide adjustment range. Wear wearing parts than hammer crusher small, metal utilization. Easy replacement of spare parts, reduce maintenance costs accordingly.

Stone Crusher Features:

  • large crushing ratio, the material evenly.
  • Yield, granular products accounted for about 85%, in full compliance with the requirements.
  • Stone crusher hammer shaft mounted adjustable, long life hammer.
  • Grid size is adjustable, controllable particle size, particle shape well.
  • Stone crusher chassis can be flipped, maintenance more convenient.
  • Square shank bolts, impact resistance, abrasion.